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Flexible Packing House

Coffee experts know that perfect packaging is essential to ensure a superior coffee experience. Our packaging specialism and state-of-the-art capabilities provide tailored and flexible packaging solutions for our private label customers. From quality standard volume to highly innovative niche new packaging formats, we will work with you to drive your brand value and optimise all elements of your coffee packaging needs, giving you and your customers the ultimate (SlumberJack) coffee experience.

Barrista PauloBarrista Paulo

Meet Paulo

I am a Food and Beverage Consultant (Specialising in Artisan Coffee Preparation). A coffee enthusiast and a barista in diversified artisan coffee shops. A guest barista in different food expositions, an instructor and speaker about coffee. A champion of two (2) distinctive Barista Competitions in the Philippines year 2012 and 2013 and participated in the ASEAN Barista Championship in Bangkok, Thailand back in 2012.

Speciality Roasters

The finest cup of coffee starts with the perfectly roasted bean. At SlumberJack, we are obsessed with providing the best quality coffee processing. So it won’t surprise you that we have relentlessly searched for and found, what we believe to be, the very best coffee roasting technology in the world to deliver the perfect roast.

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